Philprime Travel and Tours is a full-service travel agency based in Marikina City. We offer a wide spectrum of travel products and services and we specialize in bespoke tours, both inbound and outbound, to fit every requirement, budget and request of our valued clients.

We seek to provide an experience full of memories to last a lifetime, for your journals, posterity or for sheer reminiscing, You can never go wrong traveling the country and the world, basking in the beauty of Mother Nature, relishing its sweet and savoury produce, hearkening to its sounds, touching its plethora of textures, knowing the scent the earth gives off. All these, in the company of family and kin, friends and strangers going for adventure, or recreation, business or leisure, culture or history or for any other reason --- choices are endless, but a decision should be made. See us first before you make that decision,

We also offer the following:

Ticketing and Hotel Reservations
Passporting and Documentation
Immigration Assistance
Transportation Rentals
Meetings and Conferences
Eco Tourism, Team Building
Educational Trips

You can reach us through the following:

71 A. Panorama St. Concepcion Dos, 1811 Marikina City
5763963 / 7363079